Our Philosophy
The school’s philosophy is to view each child as an individual and to help each child reach his/her full potential as a caring, giving and loving citizen of the world. ` development of the young child through cooperative efforts of educators, family members and others who are positioned to nurture, stimulate and encourage the child.

Our Vision
We inspire curiosity, self-motivate, independence and a life-long love
of learning to help our children become contributing citizen of the world

Our Mission
In a nurturing, safe, clean and play-based environment, our curriculum build’s childrens’ self-esteem and problem solving skills, while fostering respect and empathy for themselves and others.

Our Value
Child focused. All activities, play, learning environment and materials are developmentally appropriate and support active learning for children.

Whole Child Development. We foster all aspects of children’s holistic growth and development thru an integrated & hands-on approach.

Professionalism. We invest in our staff to provide the highest quality environment through extensive and on-going training and professional development.

Accessibility. We strive to provide a welcoming environment and will diligently work to accommodate the unique needs of every child.

Transparency. We strive to have open, respectful and transparent communication between all members of the school community.

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