Enrichment programmes are an integral part of our preschool and kindergarten programs.
Throughout the school year the children are offered many special programs.
These programs may include: Phonics lessons, Creative Art lessons, Speech and Drama, Music lessons and Taekwondo.

Title:  English Phonics Class

Description:Learning phonics will improve reading accuracy as well as the speed at which a child can read. As the phonics skill of your child develop so will their reading comprehension and will soon find that reading comes easy to them.

Title:  Chinese Storytelling by 花婆婆

Description:Story telling forms a crucial part in developing children overall personality. Benefits to storytelling: Instills virtues, awareness to culture and roots, enhances verbal proficiency, improves listening skills, encourages creativity and imagination power, sharpens memory, broadens horizon, makes academic learning easier, better communication and helps to face difficult situations with ease.

Title:  Children Dance Club

Description:Dancing in addition to improving physical health is also a highly social activity where children can improve their social and communication through teamwork.The other benefits that come with dancing is that it improves self-esteem, flexibility, body coordination and builds confidence.

Title:  Nomos Creative Art

Description:Children who are immersed in the creative arts will be able to improve their coordination, hone their fine motor skills, help in their important visual processing abilities and promote their executive functioning. Learning creative arts can also teach them to express themselves and encourages creativity.

Title:  Robotics

Description:Robotics teaches children skills such as problem solving and decision making. It also introduces children to science, technology, engineering and maths education or STEM in short at an early age.

Title:  Taekwondo

Description:Children who get involved in martial arts reap many benefits in several areas of life. The benefits gained are fitness, agility, self defense, self discipline, self confidence, self respect and respect towards others.

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